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My name is Fairy and I'm twenty seven years old. I'm married to my lovely husband and we've have been together for over ten years. I spend my time writing and looking after our home.

I take part heavily in the Harry Potter fandom - writing in tons of fests and taking part in many activities. I was sorted at [info]hogwartsishome April 2009, with my house being Hufflepuff because of my insane loyalty. My favourite characters are Hermione, Draco, Pansy, Lucius, Narcissa and Bellatrix, and the pairings I like can be found here.

Hugh Grant is all mine at [info]find_and_keep
Lucius/Narcissa is my OTP at [info]find_and_keep
♥♥ I claimed Cinderella at [info]find_and_keep♥♥

Mauvelous is my colour at[info]find_and_keep
Enid Blyton is my author at [info]find_and_keep
Blood Brothers is my musical at [info]find_and_keep
Sir Winston Churchill is my historical hero at [info]find_and_keep
Harry/Pansy and Ron/Pansy are my couples at [info]find_and_keep
Emma Watson is all mine at [info]find_and_keep
Aquamarine is my gem at [info]find_and_keep
Spartacus: Blood and Sand is my TV show at [info]find_and_keep
Pansy Parkinson is my book character at [info]find_and_keep
England National Football Team is my team at [info]find_and_keep
Dan/Blair is my TV couple at [info]find_and_keep
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