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Gifts For Me  
Here you'll find all the fics written for me and all the art drawn for me, whether they're from exchanges, challenges or just because! Thank you to everyone on the list :) If you have written/drew for me and don't see your gift here, please let me know and I'll add it.


Trick of the Light by [personal profile] ragdoll at [profile] charlieficathon 2009

The Tooth and Claw by [personal profile] luvscharlie at [profile] charlieficathon 2010

The Master's Tool by [profile] rivertempest at [profile] dramione_duet 2009
The Unfamiliar And The Familiar by [profile] gryff_slytherin at [community profile] dmhgficexchange 2009
Promising, But Then... by [profile] anon_drarry at [profile] hp_emofest 2010
Twisted by [profile] gryff_slytherin at [profile] dramione_duet 2010
Spoils of War by [personal profile] deirdre_aithne at [profile] hp_emofest 2010/2011
The Broken Doll by [profile] revolizandiditt at [community profile] dmhgficexchange 2011
Quenched by [personal profile] kinky_kneazle at [profile] dramione_duet 2011
Of Life, Interrupted by [profile] rivertempest for [profile] dramione_duet 2012
Not Love, But in Obedience Be by [personal profile] starduchess for [profile] dramione_duet 2013
Precious by [personal profile] nearlyconscious for [community profile] smutty_claus 2013 [ART]
Fall From Grace by [personal profile] starduchess for [profile] dramione_duet 2016
Good Girl by [profile] glitter_pink for [community profile] smutty_claus 2016 [ART]

Draco's Turn by [profile] ultrasonicbop at [profile] hp_cestfest 2010

Malfoy Rings by [personal profile] serpenscript at [profile] dmficexchange 2010
Two Times A Month by [personal profile] dexstarr at [community profile] wizard_love 2011
The Lovely Pearls by [personal profile] willfully at [profile] hp_spring_fling 2011

Damage by [profile] ginny___weasley at [community profile] smutty_claus 2009

Wishful Thinking by [profile] princessteradia at [profile] hpgeorgecentric 2010

Meet The New Boss, Same As The Old Boss by [personal profile] guardians_song at [profile] karmicsunshine 2010

The Chosen One by [personal profile] uniquepov at [profile] karmicsunshine 2010

Her Storm by [personal profile] leigh_adams for Christmas 2010
Split Resolution by [personal profile] seatbeltdrivein for [personal profile] hp_porninthesun 2011
Stuck In A Moment by [personal profile] citrinestone for [profile] pphpficexchange 2011

The Taming of Bellatrix Black by [profile] ultrasonicbop at [personal profile] hp_porninthesun 2010

Malfoys Get Married In Black by [profile] savepureness at [personal profile] hp_canon_fest 2010
Unbarred by [personal profile] noneedofcrepe at [profile] fandomcommerce 2010 [ART]
Untitled by [personal profile] comicsbycate at [profile] hp_wishes 2010 [ART]
Better by [personal profile] starstruck1986 for Christmas 2010
Into The Corner by [profile] gamma_x_orionis at [personal profile] hp_porninthesun 2012

Muffled by [personal profile] starstruck1986 for Christmas 2011
Surprise Christmas Gift by [personal profile] aleysiasnape for Christmas 2011
The Ties That Bind Us by [personal profile] teshara for [profile] lm_hgficxchange 2012

Awkward Situation by [personal profile] vikingcarrot at [community profile] hp_beholder 2011 [ART]

Diamonds In Rough by [personal profile] ldymusyc at [community profile] hp_beholder 2010

From A Whisper To A Scream by [personal profile] snarkysweetness at [profile] rhr_smutfest 2010

Auror Games by [personal profile] pennswoods at [profile] ronpansy_fest 2009
Happy Families Are All Alike by [profile] curia_regis at [community profile] smutty_claus 2010
In Captivity by [personal profile] fluffyllama for [community profile] smutty_claus 2011

How They Worked by [personal profile] teenage_hustler at [community profile] smrw_ficafest 2009

In Search of a Wand by [personal profile] devsgma at [community profile] sshg_exchange 2010


Poems of the Heart by [profile] misselizabeth12 at [profile] hpvalensmut 2012

The Gilded Cage by [profile] sweetcarolanne at [profile] harry_holidays 2009
Stockholm by [profile] chemical_haven at [profile] hpvalensmut 2010
Bound by [personal profile] ecchipiro at [community profile] hh_writersblock's Term XIX Fic Exchange

Triumph and Defeat by [profile] kiskafalair at [profile] fandomcommerce 2009
Do You Remember The First Time? by [profile] a_shadow_there at [community profile] femmefest 2010
Sisterly Love by [profile] gamma_x_orionis at [community profile] femmefest 2012
And The Moon's Never Seen Me Before by [personal profile] flyingharmony at [community profile] hpholiday 2013

Good Girl by [profile] a_shadow_there at [profile] karmicsunshine 2010
Love in Idleness by [personal profile] helenvalentine at [profile] hp_yule_balls 2010
Only The Best by [personal profile] dexstarr at [profile] hpvalensmut 2011

Poems of the Heart by [profile] misselizabeth12 at [profile] hpvalensmut 2012

Abyss by [personal profile] flyingharmony at [community profile] femmefest 2013

The Widows of Wiltshire by [personal profile] alexcaster at [profile] karmicsunshine 2010
Posture by [personal profile] silburygirl 2010
A SPEWtacular Mission by [personal profile] thilia for Christmas 2010

Toujours Fidèle by [personal profile] dexstarr for [community profile] rarepair_shorts 2010/2011

Transformations by [personal profile] slammerkinbabe at [profile] femslash09

Broken Hearts and Minds by [profile] k8matty at [profile] hp_emofest 2010
Coming Events Cast Their Shadow Before by [profile] curia_regis at [profile] hp_yule_balls 2009
Mine by [personal profile] thilia at [profile] hp_emofest 2009
Patronage by [profile] bk03 at [profile] hermione_smut 2010
This Could Be Love by [profile] a_shadow_there at [community profile] femmefest 2011
Touch Me, Heal Me (Burn My Skin) by [personal profile] flipflop_diva at [community profile] femmefest 2016

My Beautiful Rose by [personal profile] seraphimerising at [profile] acciovalentinus 2010


Soul To Soul by [personal profile] orpheus_samhain at [profile] riddle_gifts 2009

Lord of Unbroken Things by [personal profile] literaryspell at [profile] hd_parallel 2010
Love Is... by [personal profile] melusinahp at [community profile] hd_holidays 2010
The Finishing Touch by [personal profile] moonlitdark at [profile] hd_parallel 2010/2011 [ART]
Were It Not That I Have Bad Dreams by [personal profile] lomonaaeren at [community profile] hd_holidays 2011
To Love And To Cherish by [personal profile] lordhellebore at [community profile] hd_remix 2012
In Misery by [profile] amorette at [community profile] hd_holidays 2012
Crashing and Burning by [profile] amorette at [profile] hd_tropes 2013

Everything More Than Everything Else by [personal profile] gala_apples at [profile] bestmates_xmas 2009

Marked by [personal profile] ravenna_c_tan for [community profile] harry_submits 2011/2012

Threesomes/Moresomes/Love Triangles/Multiple Pairings

Birthday Presents by [personal profile] seraphimerising at [profile] hp_triangle 2009

Draco/Bellatrix and Draco/Hermione
Occulded by [personal profile] ldymusyc at [personal profile] hp_porninthesun 2009

Threnody by [profile] rzzmg for [community profile] hp_3somes 2013

Untitled by [profile] nival_vixen for Christmas 2011

Draco/Pansy and Harry/Pansy
Different Kinds of Chains by [profile] masteroftrouble, Li and Timber at [profile] hp_neverafter 2010

Lucius/Hermione and Bellatrix/Hermione
Spiralling by [personal profile] fiery_flamingo for [community profile] rarepair_shorts 2011

Lucius/Hermione and Draco/Hermione
Must by [profile] marsdeafaden at [profile] lm_hgficxchange 2010
An Heir by [personal profile] y3llowdaisi3s at [community profile] smutty_claus 2012

Marietta/Millicent, Draco/Viktor
Frog, Paper, Scissors by [personal profile] didodikali at [community profile] hp_beholder 2013

Petunia/Vernon, Petunia/Rabastan
Worse than Death by [profile] gamma_x_orionis at [community profile] hp_beholder 2012

Ron/Pansy and Pansy/Hermione
Deep Into That Darkness Peering by [profile] curia_regis at [profile] hp_spring_fling 2010

Ron/Pansy and Ron/Hermione
Twelve Months by [personal profile] nightfalltwen at [profile] hp_rarities 2010


Bellatrix, Andromeda and Narcissa
Recondita Armonia by [personal profile] lareinenoire at [community profile] ownficfest 2009

Draco, Pansy and Narcissa
Footsteps on Fallen Snow by [personal profile] catsintheattic at [profile] springtime_gen 2010

Draco, Narcissa, Astoria and Pansy
(Just Like) Starting Over by [personal profile] lazy_neutrino at [profile] springtime_gen 2011

Narcissa, Bellatrix and Lucius
Won't Realise I'm Gone by [personal profile] osmalic at [community profile] hp_holidaygen 2009
Battles Within Wars by [personal profile] brighty18 at [profile] hp_toujours 2009

Valkyrie by [personal profile] alley_skywalker at [community profile] hp_holidaygen 2011


Vengeance Is Best Served Cold by [profile] andias
Too Easy by [personal profile] drcjsnider at [profile] hp_wishes 2009
It's Time, Miss Parkinson by [personal profile] vegetasbubble at [profile] hp_wishes 2009
Lightening Crashes by [profile] hereticalvision 2010
Lost Battle by [personal profile] bendleshnitz1 for Christmas 2010
Just Say Please by [personal profile] snarkyscorp in March 2011
Untitled by [profile] prlrocks for November 2011's Hogsmeade at HiH
Untitled by [personal profile] d_andru for November 2011's Hogsmeade at HiH
Support System by [profile] bleedforyou1 for Christmas 2011
Untitled by [personal profile] thusspakekate for Sugarquill's Mini Art & Fic Exchange, February 2012
Untitled by [personal profile] pretty_panther for Sugarquill's Mini Art & Fic Exchange, February 2012 [ART]
Untitled by [personal profile] lotrangel17 for June 2012's Hogsmeade at HiH
Untitled by [personal profile] flyingharmony for June 2012's Hogsmeade at HiH
Gleaming in the Moonlight (The Truth Hurts) by [personal profile] flipflop_diva at [community profile] hp_halloween 2013
Untitled by [personal profile] snidgetsong for December 2016's Hogsmeade at HiH
Untitled by [personal profile] mahmfic for December 2016's Hogsmeade at HiH
Untitled by [personal profile] samantha for December 2016's Hogsmeade at HiH [MANIP]
Untitled by [personal profile] narcissaunicorn for December 2016's Hogsmeade at HiH [MANIP]
Untitled by [personal profile] tolkienfancaiti for December 2016's Hogsmeade at HiH [MANIP]
Untitled by [personal profile] mmailliw for December 2016's Hogsmeade at HiH [MANIP]
Untitled by [personal profile] fizzbuzz for December 2016's Hogsmeade at HiH [MANIP]
Learn To Keep A Secret by [personal profile] lokifan for Christmas 2016

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