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Master List  
Here is my masterlist of fics :) It's updated regularly and contains everything I've written over the years (excluding drabbles, which has a separate masterlist here).

Comments are very much appreciated, even months or years after they've been written :)

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HET (top ↑)

Eternally Grateful (6,037 words, R; Stockholm Syndrome, Age Difference, Attempted Rape, Mentions of Violence and Torture, Minor Character Death)
For her parent's failure, Pansy is kidnapped and held by Dolohov and Macnair, but it's not long before things take an even more twisted turn, and they have to do what is needed to survive.

Great Romances (2,157 words, PG; None)
Pansy knows all the great romances come from wartime; it's in all the books.

Poison Running Through My Veins (2,904 words, NC-17; Non-Con, Torture)
Blaise has lusted after Hannah for as long as he can remember, and he's sure it's just because she's forbidden fruit. Now she's tied up and naked in his dungeons, he's got a chance to end his obsession once and for all.

Face Down (7,312 words, PG-13; Domestic abuse, mentions of past violence)
Blaise is having his Slytherin friends round for tea, which means Hermione is stressed and anxious trying to make sure everything is perfect. Unbeknownst to all but one of them, however, her life is about to change forever.

Indebted (6,305 words, R; Prostitution, Lap Dancing, Stripping)
When Draco offers Blaise a freebie at his establishment, Heavenly Bodies, he was not expecting to find his old friend Pansy amongst the girls.

You're Mine (2,059 words, R; Light BDSM)
There are two words that can turn Hermione from the level-headed, focused woman she is into someone who cannot wait for the day to be over, and Charlie knows just what those two words are.

Meet The Parents (2,404 words, NC-17; Public Humiliation)
It's the first time Astoria is meeting Draco's parents, and he wants her to make a good impression.

Blatant Lies (2,614 words, R; Magical Drug Use)
With everything Draco's been through, it's not surprising when he just can't cope anymore, but the reality is, Astoria can't cope anymore either.

I'll Be Damned (1,667 words, PG-13; Mentions of Torture and Murder)
The nights are cold and lonely, and sometimes, so are the mornings. If Draco isn't cheating, then where exactly has he been, because he swore he'd renounced the Dark Lord months ago, and he wouldn't lie, would he?

Dark Lord, or no Dark Lord (1,268 words, PG-13; Mentions of captivity and violence, Voldemort!Wins world)
Astoria's known all along the horrors her husband has had to face in order to keep their family afloat, but confronting them head on is harder than she expected.

Hidden Agenda (2,815 words, NC-17; Corporal Punishment, Light BDSM)
Bellatrix marries Lucius Malfoy, but on their wedding night, she has different plans.

The Initiation (2,638 words, NC-17; Incest, Dub Con)
It is time for Draco to be initiated into the Death Eaters, in a rather bizarre manner.

Learning From The Best (2,561 words, NC-17; Oral, Slight D/s)
Draco has always known his Aunt wanted to seduce him, and finally, he's caved. After all, he doesn't want to be a virgin when he goes back to Hogwarts for his eighth year, and he really should learn from the best.

Kindness In The Unlikeliest Of Places (6,615 words, R; Abuse from teachers, Abuse of ordinary spells)
It's Draco's seventh year, and Snape and the Carrows are running the school. Draco had thought he'd be in his element, but the other Death Eaters see him as weak for failing to kill Dumbledore. It seems as though nobody in the world gives a toss about him anymore, until Hannah comes along and shows him otherwise.

Dead To The World (3,314 words, R; Voldemort!wins, Non-Con, Captivity, Non-graphic sex)
Repopulating the wizarding world after so much magical blood has been spilt is no easy task, but the Dark Lord has insisted it be done, and his plans need to be followed to the letter.

❤ New For 2016! ❤ The Start of Something New (1,768 words, PG-13; None)
Hufflepuffs and Slytherins don't socialise, ever. Even adult ones. So when Draco and Hannah find themselves attracted to one another, it only makes sense to keep their relationship a secret.

Sweet Release (2,226 words, NC-17; BDSM, Anal)
Hermione's being abducted by Draco, but it turns out it was all her idea in the first place.

The Bane of her Existence (8,195 words, NC-17; Non Con, Anal, Abuse)
Hermione's once simple suggestion to spice up their sex life is now the bane of her existence, and Draco is more twisted than she ever thought possible.

Beauty (3,830 words, PG; None)
Draco and one other student are invited on an exchange programme to Beauxbatons, but Draco’s playboy plans are forced to change when he finds out who the other student is.

Friday Night Is Game Night (2,346 words, NC-17; BDSM, Spanking, Sensory Deprivation)
Hermione always looked forward to Friday.

The Path of the Cold and Heartless (3,144 words, NC-17; Non Con, Spanking, Oral, Forced Orgasm)
Rowle catches Draco in a compromising position, and locks both he and the Mudblood in an empty classroom while he goes to fetch Bellatrix. Furious that Granger got him into this mess, he decides to teach her a lesson... and make her enjoy it, too.

Perfect Relationship (2,618 words, PG-13; None)
Despite the fact that Draco has been married to Hermione for twelve years, he still can't suppress his jealousy.

All You Need (2,164 words, NC-17; Adultery, Light D/s)
After being caught in Knockturn Alley looking at books she probably shouldn't, Hermione finds herself standing on Draco Malfoy's doorstep.

Safe With Me (2,927 words, NC-17; Non Con, Violence)
After seeing his father tortured by Voldemort, Draco turns as a spy for the Order and months after ends up getting into a relationship with Hermione. A year later and Voldemort wants Hermione 'shaken up', and in order to keep her safe, Draco agrees to do it. When he takes a potion to help him get through it, he doesn't expect to actually enjoy it.

Worth The Risk (9,506 words, R; Minor Character Death, Mentions of Violence and Torture)
The world is a dangerous place for Hermione and other Muggleborns, and when she meets the Death Eater's most infamous torturer in a dark alleyway, she thinks her life is over, until it turns out that this Death Eater may have a conscience after all.

No Excuse (2,895 words, NC-17; BDSM)
When Hermione's home late for dinner with Draco, she knows she's in for a punishment, but after that, the real fun can begin.

Forever There (5,994 words, R; None)
Draco Malfoy lives in a world where Mudbloods are the property of Purebloods. All of his life he's grown up with his mother's servant's daughter, who has become his servant as they've become older. In a world where his choices are made for him, Draco can't work out his feelings towards her, until the worst possible day.

The Lion, The Dragon and Too Many Changes (3,806 words, PG-13; Voldemort-Wins AU, background abuse)
Draco's been away seven months, and when he gets back he finds none other than Hermione Granger cleaning his rooms. As time wears on he realises just how much the world has changed since he's left, and just what he's going to do about it.

Colours of Fate (3,606 words, PG-13; None)
It would only be a minute until the potion turned purple or yellow, and told her her fate. If she saw purple, she'd escaped her mistake, but if she came across yellow, her whole life would be turned around.

Time Is A Great Healer (7,056 words, R; AU, Miscarriage, Sensitive Topic/Theme, Hate!Sex)
Draco and Hermione have been going out in secret for a while now, though their relationship is mostly based on sex. One night, in the heat of the moment, they forget to use a contraception spell and Hermione falls pregnant. With blood prejudice rife and disallowed among pure-blood families, Draco demands she abort.

Black Heart (5,028 words, PG-13; AU, fatal magical disease, mentions of major character death in the future)
A careless decision made when she was eleven years old altered Hermione's life forever. As she's getting older, the symptons are getting harder and harder to hide. It was inevitable that someone would find her in danger one day, she just didn't think it would be Draco Malfoy.

Human (2,209 words, PG-13; Psychological trauma, mentions of violence and torture)
For the past seven or so years, Draco has known Hermione as the strong, intelligent one of the trio. The one who always has a solution and never gives up hope. Indeed, for the past for weeks she's been in captivity, she hasn't been broken. That is, until today, when he finds out his father has entered the picture.

Life Is Full Of Surprises Part One and Part Two (13,620 words, R; AU, Slavery, Adultery)
The shock death of her Master and subsequent purchase by another plunges Hermione into uncertainty, but she soon finds out that change isn't always a bad thing.

Thirsty, Mudblood? (3,654 words, R; Bladder control, light anal play, masturbation, humiliation, degradation)
It must've been hours since Hermione last had a drink, and it would be exceptionally foolish of her to pass up on the one Malfoy is offering her. But does he have ulterior motives?

Onwards and Upwards (5,518 words, PG-13; Very brief mentions of captivity in the past)
It isn't in Hermione's job description to organise the Ministry's balls and parties, yet it's always her that ends up throwing them. Harry, attempting to decrease her workload, sends along Draco Malfoy to help her, only he isn't aware that she was Draco's captive during the war. Now having to work together, they have to come to terms with the horrors in their shared past.

Their Lucky Charm (1,575 words, R; Non Con, captivity, mentions of past torture and abuse)
Lucky. That's what they called it. What they called her. She was their lucky charm, the one who would win the war for them. Depressingly, they'd been right.

How To Treat A Lady by Draco Malfoy (2,904 words, NC-17; Cuckolding)
As much as Ron and Hermione love each other, Ron just can't satisfy her. In steps Draco, who will gladly show Ron how you're supposed to treat a lady.

Snowbird (2,309 words, PG-13; Captivity)
The biting wind and frozen rain nearly makes Hermione's task impossible, but she will continue as long as she's able to do so, as long as they'll allow her to.

Patient Forty-Two (7,534 words, PG-13; Mentions of torture - the Malfoy Manor scene in Deathly Hallows)
Draco's been given a new patient, and he soon finds out it's the long-standing, almost comatose Hermione Granger. He doesn't think he'll be any good for her, especially when she has a panic attack at his presence, but his supervisor thinks otherwise.

Only Time Will Tell (2,999 words, NC-17; Non Con)
There were many horrific demands the Dark Lord had placed upon Draco, including torture and murder, yet he was still struggling to come to terms with the latest one.

Dreams Come True (5,230 words, PG-13; Kidnapping/imprisonment)
All Hermione wants is to be home by Christmas, but Draco isn't sure he can make that happen.

❤ New For 2016! ❤ Unconditional Love (3,671 words, NC-17; BDSM)
The Love Chamber holds many mysterious artefacts, but it's the love quartzes left in an old box that pique Hermione's interest. They all have the inscription of an ancient rune on them. With no luck decoding it herself, she turns to Ancient Runes Professor Draco Malfoy for a helping hand, with unexpected consequences.

❤ New For 2016! ❤ Summer In The City (4,267 words, PG; None)
On Hermione's day off in a park in Muggle London, the last person she expects to see is Draco Malfoy. Least of all, Draco Malfoy in a chicken suit.

That's My Girl (889 words, PG-13; None)
It's Christmas Eve and there's only one thing Pansy wants.

Pansy's Favourite Thing About Quidditch (2,242 words, R; Spanking)
Quidditch doesn't interest Pansy in the slightest, but the adrenaline and energy Draco has afterwards certainly does.

Shattered Roses (2,527 words, NC-17; Torture, Psychological Trauma, Non Con, Forced Incest, Necrophilia, Major Character Deaths)
The worLd has changed and one person is feeling the force of that more than anyone else.

Manipulation In The Workplace (5,938 words, R; Mentions of Magical Drug Use)
Straight out of school, Rose gets a job working for Draco Malfoy, but things aren't exactly as they seem.

Learning The Truth (3,189 words, R; Mentions of past torture)
Believing she has the perfect relationship, Rose doesn't think anything can separate her and Draco, but when she learns the secrets of his past, her whole world is threatened.

Tiny People With Tiny Lives (1,805 words, PG-13; Mild Violence (slapping))
Draco's been shagging Rose Weasley for some time now, but after he refuses to be introduced to her parents, she starts to realise that they may not be on the same page.

A Changed Man (3,172 words, R; None)
Dudley is somewhat of a changed man, realising that to make a life for himself he can't have the attitude he used to. Whilst working for Harry, Dudley comes across a broken Pansy Parkinson, who has very much the attitude Dudley used to, and hasn't realised it just doesn't do her any good.

The Waiting Game (2,561, R; Piercings, a spank or two and an instance of genital slapping)
Dudley isn't Pansy's perfect man by any stretch of the imagination—he's a Muggle for Merlin's sake—but their encounters are what's keeping her going from one week to the next.

Insecurities (1,537 words, R; Light D/s)
Pansy's just come back from holiday, but George's insecurities are still as high as ever

Family First (6,842 words, R; AU, Humiliation, Cross Gen, Dub Con/Non Con, Psychological Trauma)
When Draco Malfoy slaps Lady Potter and struggles to play her little games, his son Scorpius is the one to pay the price.

Forbidden Fruit (8,437 words, R; None)
Hermione was put in charge of the Department of Rebuilding and has caused great hilarity and chaos by inviting three Slytherins to live with her and Harry.

The First Time (1,893 words, PG; None)
Pansy went through many first times with Potter, but there was only one last time.

Too Close For Comfort (7,580 words, R; Slight Dub Con)
Since the war, nowhere will hire Pansy Parkinson, and she desperately needs a job. The only person willing to give her a chance is Harry, and things are awkward for the both of them.

Goodbyes Are Underrated (1,117 words, PG-13; None)
Ginny wasn't the only girl Harry left behind.

Betrayal On Both Sides (1,674 words, PG-13; Major Character Death)
It's the final battle, and Pansy stops Harry in his tracks. She wants answers, and she's determined to get them.

Coming To Terms (2,068 words, PG; None)
It's been many years since Pansy has seen Harry Potter, but when her daughter makes friends with one of his sons, she is thrust into his presence once more.

Sweet Distraction (2,922 words, NC-17; Pegging, Semi-Public Sex)
Harry always finds the Malfoy Christmas Ball rather boring, and distracts his wife with a lust charm while she's trying to converse with friends. Unable to resist, Pansy takes him into the hallway for some fun, but it isn't long until they get interrupted. Thankfully, a present on Christmas morning relieves all of their frustrations from the night before.

Fancy That (6,084 words, R; None)
Pansy hates that her friends never celebrate Halloween, so when Harry Potter unexpectedly invites her to attend a fancy dress party, she decides to go. If nothing else, it'll be a laugh and something to tell her friends about, but as the night goes on and things take an unexpected turn, she thinks she might not tell them anything at all. At least, not for a long time.

Mesmerised (1,583 words, R; Adultery, Asphyxiophilia, Spanking)
Lucius is forever mesmerised by his wife's sister.

You're Never Alone (5,080 words, R; Attempted Rape)
Hermione finds herself being stalked by Lucius Malfoy, who was released from Azkaban only a few months ago. However, he didn't come out with as much restraint as he went in with.

The Devil Incarnate Part One and Part Two (13,825 words, NC-17; Non Con, Violence, Torture)
After Voldemort has won the war, Lucius gets first pick of all the Mudbloods, and chooses none other than Hermione Granger. However, life as Voldemort's right hand man is not as easy as it seems, and soon Lucius finds that his wife and son spend more time with Granger than he does.

Some Would Say It Was Stupid (1624 words, R; Recollections of Kidnap, Torture and Abuse)
It's been a few days since Hermione was rescued from Lucius' sadistic clutches, and the Daily Prophet wants to know all about her ordeal.

Miss Granger (2,581 words, PG; None)
There are many differences between father and son, but it's only just occurred to Hermione that she may have married the wrong Malfoy.

Intellectual Equals (2,793 words, PG-13; Captive!Hermione)
Lord Voldemort and the Death Eaters have just left Malfoy Manor, where Hermione is being held captive. The only occupant remaining besides her is Lucius Malfoy, who gives her free roam of the manor and its grounds. It's no surprise that she is drawn to the library, but she's surprised to find that Lucius is too.

Aching With Arousal (4,360 words, NC-17; BDSM)
It's Christmas Eve, and Hermione's supposed to be attending a party between her friends and Lucius', except, she's a little tied up. When the party ends and Lucius comes to free her, she's sure they'll be going to bed for a night of passion. She doesn't expect him to take her to a completely different type of party.

Four Times Lucius and Narcissa Got It Wrong and One Time They Got It Right (1,391 words, PG-13; None)
There were four notable times in Lucius and Narcissa's life when they got something wrong, but the one time they got it right, it blew them away.

Kept In Line (2,663 words, R; Violence)
Druella has her way of keeping Narcissa in line, and she passes it onto Lucius when their match is made.

The History Behind The White Room (7,223 words, R; First Time Sex)
Narcissa accepts an invite from Lucius' mother to stay at the Manor for summer, and, happily, ends up with more than she expected.

Dirty Laundry (999 words, R; D/s, Anal, Oral)
When Rita Skeeter airs Lucius and Narcissa's dirty laundry, Narcissa wants to get her back, but Lucius has something else in mind.

The Art of Being Discreet (3,273 words, NC-17; Non Con, Bondage, Spanking)
Narcissa accepted Lucius' proposal out of obligation, rather than love, and feeling resentful, she's been flirting outrageously with any man who comes into contact with her to try and make him jealous. Her plan works, but she didn't expect his reaction.

Naughty Narcissa (1,820 words, NC-17; BDSM)
When Witch Weekly distracts Narcissa enough that she's forgotten one of his most basic rules, Lucius knows he has to do something about it.

Save Your Kisses For Me (1,143 words, PG-13; None)
When Narcissa Malfoy is unable to provide her husband with an heir, she recruits the help of her dear sister, Bellatrix.

Needs Must (1,508 words, PG-13; None)
Lucius wants to make sure his family survive the war in tact, so he resorts to drastic measures to ensure that they do.

The Faraway King (2,719 words, PG-13; None)
When rumours about the Faraway King turn out to be true, Hermione and the other brothel girls get the chance to escape, but on her way out she bumps into none other than the Faraway King himself. What's even more surprising is that he seems to take an instant liking to her.

The Arrangement (3,142 words, R; None)
Pansy thinks Flint is an irritating git, but he has more to offer than she ever thought possible.

Our One and Only Son (1,613 words, PG-13; None)
The effects of the First Wizarding War on the Black family.

His Whore (2,643 words, R; BDSM, Voyeurism, Oral, Masturbation)
Ron plays the part of the jealous husband incredibly well.

Little Miracles (4,035 words, R; None)
Ron and Hermione have been trying for a baby for nearly two years now, and Ron comes to the realisation that they have to see if there's something wrong.

Summer Discoveries (3,789 words, PG-13; None)
On one of Dumbledore's House Unity tasks, Ron gets to know Pansy a little better than he'd imagined.

Attractive Forces (6,749 words, R; None)
Pansy has a very hateful relationship with Weasley, but someone had once told her love and hate were attractive forces. She was about to found out whether or not it was actually true.

Communication Failure (2,135 words, PG-13; None)
Ron desperately wants a divorce from his wife, but there was something she just wasn't telling him all along.

Lighten Up (1,563 words, R; D/s, Public Sex, Oral)
Pansy's always found an attraction with public sex, but she's only just managed to convince Ron.

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover (6,300 words, R; Violence, Flashbacks to Non Con, Mental Health Issues)
When Pansy Parkinson tried to give up Harry Potter to the Dark Lord, she never realised her life would go drastically downhill when the light side won.

The Truth About Slytherin Girls (3,832 words, R; Oral, Flashing)
McGonagall's organised a house-unity holiday in Greece, but Ron is less than impressed with having to share his holiday with the Slytherins.

The Weasley Christmas Jumper (613 words, PG; None)
It's Pansy's first Christmas at The Burrow, and she isn't too pleased about having to wear her Christmas jumper.

Gambling On Love (4,589 words, R; None)
When Pansy finds out that Draco lost a poker game in which he'd bet her, she's furious — until she realizes she can use it to her advantage. What she doesn't know, though, is that it could be the best thing to ever happen to her.

Christmas Traditions (1,936 words, NC-17; Anal, D/s, Cropping)
Most Christmas traditions are innocent, but Ron and Pansy's is a whole different type of fun.

We All Have A Hell Part One and Part Two (13,786 words, NC-17; Non Con, Violence, Orgies)
Hermione makes a really stupid decision, and finds herself in the hands of her old Potions teacher.

Five Seconds (2,214 words, R; Slavery, Mentions of Torture and Abuse)
With only five seconds to make a decision, Hermione has to choose between serving her lover's father or a merciless death.

Beauty Is Power; A Smile Is Its Sword (2,825 words, NC-17; Dub Con, Bondage)
Everyone thought that when Voldemort was dead, things would go back to normal. Except, they didn't. It was too late. The Death Eaters had already taken over the world.

Her Decision (3,239 words, PG-13; Minor Character Deaths)
This was the decision that changed her life forever.


Misuse of the Library (1,838 words, NC-17; Non Con)
Hermione is the only surviving member of the trio, and is in the hands of one of Voldemort's most dangerous followers.

Unsolved (4,030 words, NC-17; Non Con, Oral, Forced Orgasm)
Captured by Death Eaters, Hermione has no choice but to wait for news of Harry from Malfoy's daily visits. If Harry survived without her and Ron, there was hope for her yet. If not, she would become property of Bellatrix Lestrange.

Falling In The Black (4,124 words, NC-17; Non Con, Violence, Forced Bonding, Branding)
"To extinguish the free will is to strike the conscience with death, for both have but one and the same life." (William Ellery Channing)

Sweet Victory (1,450 words, R; Voldemort Wins AU, Graphic Torture and Violence)
Bellatrix had always known that victory would be sweet, but owning Potter's Mudblood is sweeter than she could ever have imagined.

Bellatrix/Lily Luna
Revenge (4,877 words, NC-17; Non Con, Abuse, Oral, Major Character Death)
Many years ago Ginny Weasley tried to kill Bellatrix Lestrange. Instead of dying, like everyone thought she had, she laid low. Now it's time for Bellatrix to get her revenge: by taking Ginny's daughter and dominating her.

Distorted Visions (2189 words, NC-17; Incest, Dub Con, Major Character Death)
After a heavy night of drinking mead, Narcissa starts to see her sister Bellatrix in a different light.

Forced Affections (1,282 words, NC-17; Incest)
Bellatrix loves her sister more than she lets on, but as Narcissa doesn't feel the same way, Bellatrix has to be more creative

Marked (1,283 words, NC-17; Incest, Adultery, Burning)
Narcissa may be married to Lucius, but she would never belong to anyone but Bellatrix.

Under Her Wing (699 words, NC-17; Non Con, Major Character Death)
A look at the relationship between Bellatrix Lestrange and Pansy Parkinson, and how it came to a bitter end.

The Price of Failure (7,313 words, NC-17; Non Con, Dub Con, Slavery, Oral)
When Pansy lets her side down by walking away at the final battle, she is nearly written off for good, but Bellatrix offers an alternative.

Worth Waiting For (1,695 words, R; Semi-public masturbation)
The Slytherins are celebrating a fantastic Quidditch win, but Daphne and Pansy really couldn't care less about Quidditch, so they decide to have their own fun amongst everyone else.

❤ New For 2016! ❤ Time For Bed (1,400 words, NC-17; BDSM, Spanking, Anal)
It's Pansy's bedtime, but she refuses to go, so it's up to Daphne to teach her a lesson.

Loneliness (1,562, R; Adultery)
When two women are left alone for so long, it seems only fitting that they combat their loneliness together.

Servant Girl (10,347 words, NC-17; Kidnapping, Torture, Slight Dub Con)
Lucius acquires Hermione for Narcissa, who doesn't really want the girl, or does she?

Behind The Mask (2,223 words, PG-13; Adultery, mentions of violence and torture, Voldemort Wins AU)
Being a Death Eater wasn't for everyone, and Pansy had noticed that her lover was falling apart at the seams trying to mask her anxiety. In an attempt to save her from withdrawing any further, Pansy decides a lifestyle change is in order.

Not Even A Little Bit, Not Even At All (2,121 words, R; Rough sex, strap-ons, biting, spanking, adultery)
They don't meet often, but when they do, their dislike for one another brings out the raw passion within them.

Admissions of Love (1,742 words, PG-13; None)
There are few places two witches can be intimate without being seen, so it's really not their fault that they have to enter the Muggle world for a time.

The Problem With War (4,412 words, NC-17; Torture, Major Character Death)
Ginny has some devastating news for Pansy that changes her world forever.

Missing Stationery (1,993 words, NC-17; Dub Con, Blackmail)
Pansy loves her stationary, but someone in her office keeps taking it and she plans to find out exactly who it is.

It Feels So Right (1,941 words, NC-17; BDSM, Anal, Mild Dub Con)
Pansy confronts Ginny in the bathroom and has her wicked way with her.

Fallen (5,605, R; Substance Abuse, Psychological Trauma, Major Character Death)
After Ron breaks up with her, Hermione finds herself friendless and homeless, and owing money to someone she used to hate. The only solution Pansy can come up with is that Hermione moves in with her until she's paid off her debt.

Locked In The Library (2,410 words, R; Non Con)
Pansy and Hermione are so busy arguing with each other that they fail to notice they've been locked in the library.

❤ New For 2016! ❤ A New Reality (2,695 words, R; Light spanking)
Years after Hogwarts, Hermione runs into Pansy at a Muggle BDSM club. While at first she's afraid Pansy will go straight to Draco, what she actually finds is that Pansy is a completely different person to the one she was at school.

There's A Time For Talking (1,619 words, R; Infidelity, Tribadism)
Pansy confronts Rose after finding out about her upcoming nuptials with her son from someone else, and shows Rose she’s not willing to give her up that easily.

Rose/Lily Luna
A Year In The Life (2,627 words, PG-13; None)
Lily discovers she has feelings for her best friend, Rose, after she feels her electric touch.

SLASH (top ↑)

Five Times Draco Malfoy Kissed Antonin Dolohov (2,846 words, R; None)
There were five notable kisses in Draco Malfoy's life before he finally got what he wanted: a bloody good shag.

Behind The Facade (3987 words, PG-13; None)
When Neville Longbottom finds himself on the losing end of an accidental marriage with Pansy Parkinson, he hires one of the best Wizarding lawyers, Harry Potter, to represent him. Pansy does the same, only her choice of lawyer just so happens to be Harry’s business rival, Draco Malfoy.

Standing In The Way Of Love (2,227 words, PG; Infidelity)
The happiest day of a woman's life should be her wedding day, and yet Pansy was miserable. After all, wouldn't you be if the one you gave your heart to would rather marry another?

The Malfoy Mafia (4,365 words, R; Light Dub Con, Light Bondage, Breathplay)
In a world where you can't trust the Ministry, the Malfoy family are the only ones you can turn to.

Absolute Certainty (5,763 words, R; None)
Harry's new case is to find out who cast Morsmordre, and it looks at first sight to be Scorpius Malfoy. However, Draco is absolutely certain that it isn't his son, and won't leave Harry alone until they've caught the culprit.

What Feels Right (4, 395 words, R; Past Character Death)
It's Christmas Eve, and Draco is alone at the manor with his servant Harry.

Damn The Consequences (4,790 words, PG-13; None)
Draco is refusing to leave Azkaban with the claim that he'll die within a week once he's off the island. Harry, as Head Healer of the Janus Thickey Ward, has been sent to bring him back for some tests, because everyone thinks he's insane, but it's not long before Harry realises that Draco might be telling the truth after all.

Somewhere He Belongs (1,814 words, R; AU, EWE)
In a world where former Death Eaters are given the chance to become servants in exchange for evading Azkaban, Draco finally finds somewhere he belongs.

I'll Fight For You (2,099 words, PG-13; Adultery)
When Harry sent Draco an Owl breaking off their relationship, the last thing he expected was for Draco to turn up at the hospital, more determined than ever.

Pure Luck (2,085 words, R; Attempted Rape)
Not too long back Draco won Harry for a year in a card game. Whilst Draco's motives are somewhat unclear, his Slytherin friends desires are far less subtle, and when they catch Harry alone, they decide to take their chance.

Little Secret (4,344 words, PG-13; AU, Voldemort Rules world, background slavery, blood discrimination)
Harry is assigned to Draco by the Carrows, and he thinks Draco is an entitled, selfish git until they spend some time together on their own. Harry realises not all is what it seems, and that power and wealth doesn't always mean happiness.

Lost To You (5000 words, NC-17; Adultery)
There's no getting out of a Ministry function when you're an Auror, so for Harry, that means running into Malfoy and his wife. He's trying not to let that silver-blond hair distract him, but one look in those hard, grey eyes and he's lost to them.

Sexual Discovery (2,717 words, NC-17; BDSM, Spanking, Anal, Masturbation)
Ron catches Harry in a compromising situation, but it turns out to be the start of a wonderful journey of discovery.

Saint Potter (5,237 words, NC-17; Dub Con, Age difference (42/16), Captivity, Violence and rape happening off-screen)
Everyone is judged by the people they associate with, but it's hardly Scorpius Malfoy's fault this his father is a cruel and merciless monster. Thankfully, Harry will come to realise that the old saying 'like father, like son' isn't always true.

Innocence Lost (1,799 words, PG-13; Psychological Trauma, Imprisonment, Dark!Harry)
Grimmauld Place has kept many secrets over the years, but none quite like Scorpius Malfoy.

There Is Nothing More Satisfying (1,804 words, NC-17; Non Con, Age Difference (48/22), mentions of violence)
Lucius goes to see his favourite whore, Harry Potter, but is told by the matron upon arriving that after a recent escape attempt, he's finally been broken. Lucius feels a little trepidation as he approaches Harry's room, wondering what sight will greet him; he admits he quite liked the spark the boy had left.

Magnolia (1,651 words, PG-13; Major Character Death)
Ron has just realised he's fallen in love, but he also realises it's just too late.

Keeping The Bubble In Tact (1,521 words, R; None)
If there's something Ron doesn't want, it's his bubble to burst, no matter how wrong it is.

Time and Time Again (1,798 words, NC-17; Non Con)
Draco has gone too far this time, and Ron plans to make him pay.

You're A War Hero (2,910 words, PG; None)
Ron's been roped in to one of Hermione's good causes yet again, only this time with a guarantee that he won't suffer. Unfortunately, Hermione can't really make that guarantee, and Ron is less than impressed when Malfoy gets involved.

GEN (top ↑)

Harry and Pansy
The Uprising (5,257 words, R; Attempted Major Character Death, Torture)
There's a new uprising, and as far as Harry's concerned, Pansy Parkinson is at the forefront of it. The only problem is that she isn't talking, and the next thing Harry knows, she's insisting an Auror tried to kill her.

Alone With Death (4,855 words, NC-17; Non Con, Torture, Major Character Death)
Hermione is kidnapped and while the Malfoy family seem only to want information out of her, someone else wants much, much more.

Lucius, Antonin, Bellatrix and Narcissa
What The Dark Lord Doesn't Know (3,923 words, R; Minor Character Death)
Lucius could not be more annoyed when he is assigned to train the new recruits, for he was sure he was going to be allowed on a field mission at last. Alas, it was not to be, and he tries everything in his power to show the Dark Lord he can be trusted.

Lucius and Hermione
Chances (3,787 words, PG; None)
There's only one way for Lucius to escape Azkaban after the war, and that's to work as a teaboy for someone he hated. As life goes on, time heals old wounds and opens new doors, ones he thought he'd never have access to.

Downfall (4,501 words, PG-13; Captivity, Use of the Imperius curse, Forced drinking of potions)
Captured by the Death Eaters, Hermione soon realises there is a high price to pay if she wants her freedom. The only problem is, she's not exactly sure what that price entails.

Narcissa, Sirius and Andromeda
Lessons In Black Family Values (5,315 words, PG; None)
When Narcissa's mother asks her to keep an eye out for Sirius, she ends up giving him lessons on how to be a respectable member of the Black family.

Dangerous Territory (1,587 words, R; Semi-Public Masturbation)
A free Chocolate Frog takes Pansy to heights she could only ever dream about before.

Saved... By A Gryffindor (8,527 words, PG-13; Mental Health Issues)
Nobody survives a war unscathed, and that includes Slytherins who believed they were untouchable.

To Friendship (4,251 words, PG; None)
When Pansy had tried to hand Potter over to the Dark Lord all those months ago, she never would have thought it would have such repercussions.

Ron and Lucius
Never Give In To Blackmail (1,778 words, PG; Blackmail)
When Ron is fired from his job due to his temper, he finds a 'helping hand' in the form of the man who got him fired in the first place. Except this 'helping hand' isn't all that it seems, and Ron finds out why you should never give in to blackmail.


Charlie/Hermione, Ron/Hermione
Fire and Passion (1,609 words, NC-17; Infidelity)
Hermione is battling with her desire for Charlie and her love for Ron.

Defying Tradition (2,916 words, R; Light D/s)
Everyone knows the Wizarding World is archaeic, and the thought of polyamorous or incestuous relationship would send many wizards and witches into a coma. Not these three, though, who have finally found a free night to have all to themselves, and they plan to enjoy it.

Draco/Astoria, Draco/Pansy, Theo/Astoria
Should've Said No (5,358 words, NC-17; Infidelity)
Draco loves his wife Astoria, until one day she does something that changes their entire marriage. He's never been one for letting things go, so Astoria must pay the price for her actions.

Draco/Astoria, Pansy/Astoria
Bleeding Love (899 words, PG-13; Sparks of infidelity)
As innocent as Astoria's hand might look to anyone else, brushing lightly across Pansy's shoulder, Draco knows better.

Draco/Bellatrix, Lucius/Draco
The Ultimate Punishment (2,369 words, NC-17; Non Con, Incest, Forced Oral)
Draco needs to be punished for being unable to kill Dumbledore, and his family know just what to do with him.

Underlying Desires (2,708 words, R; None)
Sex doesn't have to be about love.

Draco/Hermione, Draco/Astoria
Trapped (4,105 words, R; Adultery, Mild Violence, Psychological Trauma)
Astoria's been suffering with a mental illness for a long time, so when she accused Draco of cheating, again, he found himself seeking comfort with none other than Hermione Granger. Of course, he had to tell his wife eventually, and when he does, she isn't a happy lady.

Good Girl (3,878 words, NC-17; Dub-Con/Non-Con, Voldemort!Wins AU, Slavery, Humiliation)
Draco's owned his favourite Mudblood for years, and his close friend Pansy thinks it's high time he shared.

A Wild Night At The Office (3,342 words, NC-17; Oral, scars, slight BDSM)
Hermione's tied to her desk, waiting for her Slytherin lovers, when she hears a set of footsteps. If it isn't Pansy or Draco, she'll never live it down, and possibly get fired. If it is, she's in for the wildest night of her life.

Draco/Pansy, Astoria
Twisted Ideas (3,222 words, PG-13; None)
Draco had a one night stand many years ago, but now the woman is back in his life and wants to cause nothing but trouble for Draco and his wife, Pansy Parkinson, and shows up unannounced with a child she claims is his.

Draco/Pansy, Ron/Pansy
Another World (7,305 words, PG-13; Infidelity)
Pansy hires Ron Weasley to take her and Draco's engagement photographs, but she didn't realise what else she would be getting out of it.

Mine (2070 words, NC-17; BDSM, Breathplay)
Draco sets Pansy up for a good time.

Fred/Pansy, George/Pansy
Mistaken Identity (1,578 words, NC-17; Infidelity, AU)
It's the annual Halloween ball, and Pansy thinks Fred needs a little reminding of exactly why he likes her.

Harry/Pansy, Draco/Pansy
From One Good Time To Another (2,826 words, NC-17; Adultery)
Pansy loved her husband, of course she did, but shagging Harry Potter was too devilishly good to give up.

Harry/Pansy, Ron/Pansy
No Mercy (3,412 words, R; Male Dom, Spanking, Light Bondage and Adultery)
Ron's an attentive lover, but he just can't give Pansy what she needs, and it seems there's only one person who can.

Hermione/Ginny, Draco/Hermione/Blaise
The Lesser of Two Evils Part One and Part Two (11,850 words, NC-17; Slavery, Dub Con, Non Con, violence, Voldemort!wins AU)
For the first time in years, Hermione is given a choice, a real choice, about where she wants her life to go. The only problem is that neither of her options are very appealing.

Lucius/Harry, Harry/Draco
Falling Down (2,556 words, R; Non Con, captivity)
Harry isn't happy when he sees Draco Malfoy enter his cell, and he soon finds out that Lucius isn't either.

Lucius/Hermione, Snape/Hermione and Ron/Hermione
A Raid Gone Wrong (7,600 words, NC-17; Non Con, Violence, Minor Character Death)
The trio raid Malfoy Manor, narrowly escaping with their lives but leaving two members of the Malfoy family dead. During Ron and Hermione's wedding, Lucius enacts an old law: Hermione is duty bound to marry him until she provides an heir for the one she killed.

Lucius/Narcissa, Hermione/Narcissa
Preparing Her Mistress (1,355 words, NC-17; Sexual Slavery, D/s, Age Difference, Dub Con, Voyeurism, Mild Violence)
It's Hermione's job to get her Mistress ready for her Master.

Malfoys & Weasleys
Avenging Her Death (1,894 words, NC-17; Non Con, Forced Incest)
Narcissa is angry, and she is determined to avenge her sisters death, with a little help from her family.

Ron/Hermione, Pansy/Hermione
The Power of Books (7,293 words, PG-13; Adultery)
Pansy discovers Hermione's secret, but she never expected that it would bring them closer together.

Severus/Narcissa and Lucius/Narcissa
French Fancies (4,909 words, PG; Adultery)
Narcissa's relationship with Severus is complicated, and Lucius only makes it worse by pushing the two together, unaware of their past.

Seven Days (4,822 words, PG-13; Adultery)
Severus knows a lot can happen in seven days.

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