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Fic: Poison Running Through My Veins (Blaise/Hannah)
Title: Poison Running Through My Veins
Author: [ profile] scarletladyy
Prompt: #H3: He's wanted her for so long, and now she's tied up, moaning, hurt and naked in his dungeons, he'd rather die than give up his chance.
Pairing: Blaise Zabini/Hannah Abbott
Word Count: 2904
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con, torture
Summary: Blaise has lusted after Hannah for as long as he can remember, and he's sure it's just because she's forbidden fruit. Now she's tied up and naked in his dungeons, he's got a chance to end his obsession once and for all.
Author Notes: Written for [ profile] hprare_cliche 2014. Thank you to my beta, K. The title is a lyric from the song Poison by Alice Cooper.

Seven years through school he'd lusted after her, unable to act on his desires because of her status as a Hufflepuff. While not as bad as a Gryffindor, it wouldn't do for a Slytherin to be seen going out with a Hufflepuff. Slytherins were preferred, Ravenclaws acceptable. On the very odd occasion a Slytherin had gone out with a Hufflepuff, it hadn't lasted long due to the taunting they'd suffered at the hands of their housemates. Gryffindors were completely unacceptable, no extenuating circumstances.

There was something about the quiet blonde that Blaise had never been able to get out of his head, though. Nobody but Draco knew his secret lust for her, and had this perfect opportunity not presented itself, he was sure he never would have acted on his feelings, but this was far too good to be true.

Hannah Abbott, the very desire of his affections for the last decade at least, trussed up, naked and moaning in his dungeons? There was nothing else Blaise could do if he ever wanted to live with himself. He would allow himself this one boon; have her and get out all his feelings for her in one go. He was sure that once he'd fucked her, he could put her to the back of his mind. She was like forbidden fruit; that was why she was so desirable, he'd decided.

As much as Blaise wanted her, he was also angry at her for making him feel this way. She might not have had a clue how he felt about her, but she was just always there, wherever he turned. After school, he thought he'd finally managed to be free of her invading presence, and when she disappeared he thought he'd finally be able to move on, but no. Apparently not. She just had to get herself captured and thrown in his dungeons. Why his?! Why not Draco's or the Lestrange's? Why did it have to be his step-father who found her?

Blaise couldn't answer those questions, nor could he change what had happened. What he could do was take his chance while his step-father was with the Dark Lord and see to it that Hannah was removed from his conscience forever. One time, one fuck, and he would no longer be plagued by her every move. With being a Hufflepuff, the Rehabilitation Program was likely to work on Hannah, so he'd probably end up seeing her around eventually anyway. This was his opportunity to ensure she remained for evermore in the background of his life, just like the rest of the half-bloods and Muggleborns did.

After double-checking to make sure he was alone in the manor—although there really was no need, since he wasn't doing anything untoward—Blaise went down and let himself into the dungeons. The second he opened the door he could hear moaning and sobbing coming from the end cell, and since Hannah was their only prisoner at the moment, it had to be from her. He walked down the long corridor to where she was held, and the grin he was wearing grew even bigger as he found her naked and tied up as expected.

His footsteps must have alerted her to his presence, because she was looking directly at him with an expression he couldn't quite decipher. It was a little anxious, a little angry, and very confused. He half wondered why she didn't just make her mind up and pick an emotion.

"Good evening, Hannah."


"The very same."

Hannah frowned and looked towards the floor. He could see she'd been struggling earlier by the chafing on her arms and legs; in some places, her flesh was red raw. She'd clearly realised at some point that the ropes were magically bound and wouldn't come loose no matter what she did, though. Had she been a Gryffindor, Blaise was sure she'd still be trying now. He felt he had to acknowledge that Hufflepuffs had slightly more common sense in that regard.

"You shouldn't have struggled for so long," he said, indicating her red skin. He unlocked the cell and stepped in, making sure to lock it again behind him. "Here." He spelled the ropes free from her arms and watched as she rubbed at the chafed parts carefully. "Better?"

Hannah nodded. "Thanks," she added meekly, avoiding his gaze. "Will you... will you let me go?"

Blaise laughed loudly; did she honestly think he would free her simply because he vanished her bonds? No, she couldn't be that stupid. Must have been a long shot. "Nice try." He walked towards her and crouched down in front of her. She'd stopped rubbing her arms now, but upon him coming closer she'd brought her knees to her chest as tightly as she possibly could. Her knuckles were white from being so tightly wrapped around her knees; she was clearly scared now. "But no. You see, Hannah, you probably don't know this, but you've been plaguing me for the last ten years.

"I've wanted you for as long as I can remember, though considering your house and your blood status, I've really no idea why. I suppose it's because you're pretty. You know you're pretty, don't you, Hannah?" Blaise looked at her in all seriousness, expecting her to answer the question, but she just gave him a bewildered look. "Well, you are. That must be it. And now, now it's time for me to get what I've wanted for so long. Once I've had you, I can forget you. See? It just makes sense."

"Had me?" Hannah squeaked, looking as though she knew exactly what he meant but not really wanting to acknowledge it.

Blaise nodded. "Well and truly fucked you."

"You can't!" Hannah shouted back at once. "You can't! I'm a..."

"You're what?" He quirked an eyebrow. He knew very well what she'd been about to say, had suspected it for a long time, but he wanted to hear her say it.


Blaise reached a hand out and stroked her face gently. "Come on, Hannah. You're what?"

"Nothing!" Hannah replied loudly, pushing his hand away from her and crawling sideways in an effort to get away from him. He stood and stared down at her, amusement written across his face. It wasn't as if she had anywhere to go, and her small attempts to defy him only gave him great pleasure.

"You're a virgin, Hannah. You can say it, you know. It's nothing to be ashamed of." He smirked, as if to imply the opposite. He didn't like that she'd basically forced him to make the point obvious instead. "I'll make sure to take care... at first."

Hannah shuddered and attempted to curl in on herself even more.

"You won't fight me, will you, Hannah? You're not stupid, are you?" Blaise turned away from her and took off his outer robes, taking time to fold them up neatly and place them on the rickety old table in the corner. When he looked back at her, she had her head in her arms and was shaking slightly. "Come here." She made no attempt to move, seemingly trying to ignore him as best she could. "You will regret it if you disobey me, Hannah. I will be nice to you if you do as I say, but I have no patience for insubordination."

Much to Blaise's immediate annoyance—but quick realisation that if she wasn't going to do as she was told, he could have a lot more fun with her—Hannah refused to co-operate. He sighed loudly. "Hannah, Hannah, Hannah. I thought Hufflepuffs were supposed to be sensible? No?" She still ignored him. "Your choice." He flicked his wand casually at her, casting a couple of stinging spells. The first hit her cheek, the second her shoulder. She squealed out loud and jumped in fright, but she returned to her original tightly coiled-up position. He'd started with a relatively harmless spell to get her attention; he didn't want to go in heavy-handed at first. "Come here, Hannah." No response, so Blaise felt he had to up the ante a little with a moderate tickling charm.

Immediately, Hannah was shaking for an entirely different reason and laughing uncontrollably. He kept his wand trained on her and slowly increased the sensations, until the tickling was so bad she was rolling around on the floor, crying as well as laughing, and begging him through heavy breaths to stop.

"Will you co-operate? Will you obey?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Hannah screeched out.

Blaise decided to take her at her word and lifted the spell. He liked being creative and using ordinary spells for torture methods; he felt it allowed him to hone his skills and become a better wizard. His step-father disagreed and seemed to share Bellatrix Lestrange's love of the Cruciatus curse. Blaise didn't believe that produced the right results, and Hannah was going to be his first test subject on the matter. If she acquiesced to his demands through his unusual methods and was willingly obedient, he would consider that a win compared to the mindless unwilling obedience that was produced from the Cruciatus.

"Come here," repeated Blaise. He watched her carefully as she composed herself and seemingly fought an inner battle on whether to comply with his demands or not. Just when he was about to reapply the charm, Hannah stood, her arms wrapped tightly around herself, and came over to him by the table. "Good girl." As a reward for her good behaviour, Blaise kissed her on the forehead. "That wasn't so hard, was it?"

Hannah shook her head, though he could tell by the look in her eyes that it really had been that difficult to make such a decision. He didn't know why, since surely anything was better than torture, but Hufflepuffs could be as screwed up as Gryffindors sometimes. Something about 'morals'.

"Bend over the table, Hannah." When she hesitated, he added, "Make this easy on yourself. You don't want another round of the tickling charm, do you? Or a few more stinging spells? Or perhaps, you'd rather I were more creative?" She shook her head fervently and slowly leaned forwards until she was positioned as he'd requested. "That's it. Good girl."

Blaise stood behind her and undid his trousers, freeing his erect cock. He'd been aroused since the moment he saw her naked and moaning. He placed his left hand on her hip as he guided his cock with his right, but the touch seemed to frighten Hannah and she attempted to bolt. He grabbed her other hip and held her firmly down on the table, bending over her so his head was right behind her ear.

"Now, now, Hannah," he whispered. "This won't hurt too much, as long as you're still."

In an attempt to comfort and calm her, if only to stop her from freaking out again, Blaise stroked her hair softly. It felt exactly as he'd always imagined it would, and while he was so very close to her, he sniffed it too. It smelled of apricots and chamomile; it was the sweetest smell he'd ever come across, and it was so perfectly Hannah. He closed his eyes as he took his opportunity to revel in her scent and being so near to her, wrapping his fingers around her hair and tucking stray strands behind her ear. He could have got lost in such a sweet place, but her rather loud throat clearance brought him back to the reality of the present and he let go quickly, stepping back.

Blaise resumed his previous position, but this time, Hannah stayed completely still. It was as if she were frozen to the spot. He guided his cock to her cunt and attempted to enter her, but she was as dry as a bone and he did nothing but hurt himself and most probably her too, given by how stiff she'd gone and the pained responses. Sighing, he grabbed his wand out of his trouser pocket and conjured a lubrication spell.

When he approached her entrance this time, he was easily able to slip in, but she was far tighter than any other witch he'd had. Blaise kept to his word and went slowly, because she was still behaving herself, giving her time to adjust to his presence in her. She screeched loudly and shifted when he presumably broke her hymen, but soon went back to being as still as she was before. He didn't care; he didn't need her to be an active participant in order to ensure that this would cure him of his obsession.

With his left hand on her hip, he ran his right softly across her back and then reached up to grab her hair. She grunted as he pulled it tightly, using it as leverage for fucking her. He didn't mind that it hurt her, her pain was inconsequential to him; he just wanted to hold a part of her as he took her. It was his one and only chance before she was taken for Rehabilitation and he was going to make it count.

He could feel it getting easier to fuck Hannah with each thrust, so he chanced increasing his pace. When she didn't make too much of a fuss, he continued, looking down at her face as he took his pleasure. He could only see half of it, but he didn't miss the glassy-eyed look from tears not yet spilt, nor the biting of the lip from where she was trying not to cry out. Most people would be bothered by this reaction. Blaise wasn't. He blamed her for his obsession in the first place; he'd been stuck with it for the last ten years, so the least she could do was put up with him for a measly ten minutes.

With Hannah being so incredibly tight, she felt amazing. His cock was snug within and moved easily because of the lubrication, and he knew that the second he began to thrust harder it wouldn't be long before he came. He wanted to drag it out so he felt as good as possible for as long as possible, but at the same time, he wanted to reach the incredible orgasm he knew he was going to have. Being who she was and the tightness of her cunt, he had a suspicion it would probably be the best orgasm of his life so far.

"Not too big for you, am I, Hannah?" Blaise taunted, smirking widely. She didn't respond verbally, but he did see an expression of disgust upon her face, which he felt he should chastise her for. He slapped her arse forcefully, eliciting a whimper from her and bringing a new wave of pleasure over him. He wanted that reaction again. He smacked her thrice in quick succession, loving her moans and the way she writhed about beneath him to get away from his hand. It spurred him on to fuck her harder, growing tired of the slow, agonising thrusts that were simply teasing him.

Blaise spanked Hannah repeatedly as he fucked her, pulling her head backwards by her hair and trying hard to hold on until it was no longer possible, a loud groan emanating from him as he came inside her. He stopped spanking her as he came down from his climax, but she was sobbing uncontrollably now and she was visibly relieved when he relaxed his hand in her hair. She allowed her head to fall forwards and bang against the table, but Blaise didn't care. He had finally, finally fucked her, and now his obsession would be over. The second he left the room, Hannah would be dead and buried to him.

"Good girl," Blaise said patronisingly as he pulled out of her, wiping his cock on her arse and then tucking himself back in. He stared at her for a few moments, completely confused as to why she was staying exactly where she was, in exactly the position he'd left her in. It didn't look at all comfortable. He frowned and ran his fingers through his short hair, grabbing his travel cloak off the table and putting it back on. Apart from relaxing her arms slightly, Hannah didn't move at all during this time, but Blaise decided he no longer cared. He no longer had to give a damn about her; she would plague his thoughts no longer. He smacked her arse one last time, revelling in her whimper. "Thanks for that, Hannah."

Blaise unlocked the cell and left, relocking it after him. He didn't spare Hannah a second glance as he walked away from her frozen form, for she was no longer a part of his subconscious.

At least, it stayed that way until night dawned and Blaise went to bed, closing his eyes and snuggling down under the duvet. He'd just started to drift off when Hannah's naked and moaning form flashed in front of him, causing him to sit bolt upright with cold chills running down his spine. He'd thought a good fucking would get her out of his system, but maybe his obsession had only just begun.

Blaise now had a reason to be captivated by Hannah; he knew exactly how good she felt beneath him and how compliant she could be. He'd thought the last ten years had been hard, but he had a horrible feeling that the worst was yet to come.
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